A Complicated Situation for Which You Must Prepare

Before I even decided to move to Canada, cross border financial planning became of paramount importance. Moving from the United States to Canada is not a simple process. It can seem like one, especially when you have a lot of money. I’ve never had any problems with companies managing my wealth in the United States, but that is because I grew up here and have strong familiarity with the way the tax system works here. Canada is a different ball of wax entirely, however, and getting papers to live there is the least of your worries if you have money.

Canada, it is important to note, is a socialist country with an entirely different set of tax laws and a different system of government. They have a lot of rules that seem entirely alien to a Yankee moving north. That’s why I knew I needed to look into firms who understood the financial systems of both countries and who could help assist my transition to a new country. I have a huge number of investments and didn’t want to run afoul of either the IRS or the Canadian taxing authority. I had visions of being tossed out of the country if I made a mistake.

Fortunately I found a firm that easily came up with a plan for my investments while making sure that I wasn’t breaking any tax laws. I worked closely with them on several issues that I thought might be a problem and they had fast solutions to all of them. Then the real work started as they began pointing out potential pitfalls I likely would have stumbled into if I didn’t have a team of professionals advising me. They actually tallied up what I would have lost had I plunged forward alone and the amount is staggering. I’m so glad to have them on my team.